Our main service is digital marketing, utilizing the power of internet ,trend and social networks to promote our client’s brand. Generating exposure, fans and sale leads in short time.
Other services include event planning, video production, consultancy, branding and design. Contact us to find out more!

Facebook is the world’s and Hong Kong’s largest social network, there is more than 4.4 million users in Hong Kong alone. We utilize this tool to build and develop our client’s brand with an effective budget to minimize promotional costs for our clients. Applying the right target audience setting, campaigns and promotions to meet your objectives.​

Media Production
As the online audience has shorter attention span; video promotion is becoming more popular. We offer an integrated production service, we have an experienced production team to create the best media for your promotions and brand development.

Graphic Design
Our design ranges from logo design, visual identities to promotional materials such as banner, posters and packaging. Our design team will help you to transform ideas into reality.

Mobile Advertisement
We help you to design advertisements to post on specific website, allowing your message to deliver to the right target audience. Your ads will be listed on many popular websites such as Yahoo, HKdiscuss, Apple Daily, Uwants and etc. Allowing you to build credibility and popularity.

Instagram directly communicates with your potential customers with high quality visual experience. We use Instagram to develop a brand’s image and culture to the public, generating a loyal fan base who we have high engagement with in aim of converting them into sales leads. Over 70% of Instagram users are 18-34 years old with 90% are employed with high spending power. Using Instagrtam campaigns and advertisement, we can help you to build your brand and covert your fans into sales lead.

We can help you to design promotional contents and send it to a large data base via email. We also provide detailed report and analyze performance. Doing so can help your product or services effectively reach your target market.

SEM is crucial to improve your website’s ranking and search result. It is done by bidding on your chosen keywords which are related to your business. This is important if you want to beat your competitors in terms of search ranking. In today’s world, SEM is highly competitive, so don’t neglect your search optimization.

Popular Blogger Promotion
We have popular and experienced bloggers who can help you to promote your service or product with organic and honest contents. This aims to increase your exposure on active topics online and generate word of mouth with the online community.

To enter the China market, Wechat is the most effective platform for you to interact and make transaction. It helps you to develop your business and it is the first choice in O2O operations.

Web Design
Our professional web development team help you to customize the most suitable website which is unique, innovative and professional. With our CMS system, we can educate and help you to maintain the website as well as update the info at ease.

Online Banner Ad
Displaying the banner ad on various collaborative sites. Based on the enterprise’ promotional needs, targeted to specific well-known sites, in order to gain exposure. Location coverage of a number of well-known web pages, including Yahoo, Hong Kong forum, Apple Daily, Oriental Daily, Uwants, etc., in the well-known Web page exposure, for enterprises to quickly accumulate popularity, cross-platform promotion, while creating first-line brand results.

Forum Promotion
We help you to promote your service or product on the most popular forums in Hong Kong, such as Openrice, HKGolden, HKDiscuss, Uwants and ESDlife.